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Our Mission:

High Quality Residential & Commercial Waterproofing Services

Waterproof DFW is founded upon one simple principle: to protect swimming pools and spas so our clients can enjoy them for years to come! Rather than construct swimming pools and spas ourselves, we help pool builders enhance their own products to provide quality & long lasting waterproofing as well as corrosion & efflorescence mitigation. 

Pool leaks, calcium buildup and corroded steel are some huge and expensive problems for swimming pool owners to face.

By applying our products (primarily during new construction or in some cases, remodels) we can treat the concrete surface to provide long lasting benefits to the client and their swimming pool structure.

Our technique:

Our System is Comprehensive & Treats All Areas of the Pool & Spa

Step #1:

Internal Waterproofing

We use Aqua-Blok XL to treat the pool & spa concrete surface with a colloidal silicate to purge and block the re-entry of calcim hydroxides. These are the weak part of concrete that lead to issues with Efflorescence on your finished surfaces.

Step #2:

External Waterproofing

As an added layer of protection, we then treat the concrete surface with Membrane C – a flexible cementitious membrane. This is applied to all areas with changes of plane, positive or negative hydrostatic pressure, joints, pipes and much more!

Step #3:

The Superior Bond Coat

Our third layer of protection involves applying a rigid cementious membrane, known as BC Pro. This rough & rigid layer offers a superior compresion strength & a bond coat for plaster finishes & hydration throughout the plaster installation process!

We Present Custom Waterproofing Solutions


As many pool builders and landscape architects know, the swimming pool industry is becoming increasingly complex. Home owners desire to have backyards that WOW their friends and family. In fact, many home owners are choosing to build gorgeous swimming pools rather than go on vacation.

This movement is spurred on by the growth and popularity of Social Media. Now consumers can view hundreds of gorgeous designs within a matter of minutes. This requires all of us to use creative new approaches to designing swimming pools if we want to get the business from that customer.

But what additinal steps are required for designs that are now intricate and no longer simple? Did you know that every joint, pipe, drain, skimmer and main drain are a potential area for pool leaks and structure damage?


Improving The Industry

Our job at Waterproof DFW is to educate the pool builders, architects and designers in Dallas Fort Worth to understand waterproofing concepts.

We present solutions so pool builders can design intricate swimming pools while we protect and enhance them. This ultimately leaves the consumer with a marvelous design that is built to last – for years to come! It also prevents headaches & situations that can arise down the road by investing in materials that protect your craftsmanship and client relationship! It’s a win-win-win for everyone!

construction today:

Swimming Pools are Becoming Increasingly Complex with Greater Demand: It’s Time to Protect!

Massive Growth

The Swimming Pool Boom!

Our economy and consumer culture has undergone a signifcant transformation over the past 10 years. Since the economic downturn in 2008, our economy has bounced back tremendously! Home owners are wealthier than ever and the concept of extending the home to the great outdoors is now all the rave.


Commercial Designs

Seeking The WOW Factor

From swimming pool builders, to architects, designers and facility owners – we are all concerned with the beauty and longevity of our projects! Consumers, home owners, travelers and residents are requesting beautiful locations to visit, play and travel. There is greater demand and pressure than ever to create stunning landscapes that draw the eye and the crowd to your home, office, hotel or outdoor facility!


Our Belief in Quality

Protect Your Investment

Therefore, isn’t it more crucial than ever to ensure that you’re water structures are designed to last with an integrated preservation system? Waterproof DFW is the industry leader in Waterproofing, Efflorescence & Corrosion Mitigation. From conserving water usage to preventing the buildup of calcium & chlorides on your surfaces – we are here to provide a one-stop-shop via our complete lineup of waterproofing products and services!

Luxury, quality & comfort

Water Conservation

Did you know that “Even a small leak in the pool’s structure represents a substantial waste. According to the Alliance for Water Efficiency, an inch-a-day leak in an average pool can waste approximately 102,000 gallons per year.” – Upping the Quality, Miracote Products

Waterproof DFW can help your clients prevent costly water loss that is both bad for their utility bills and the environment!


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From corrosion & efflorescence mitigation all the way to complete waterproofing packages, we’ve got just the solution you’re looking for!